Our Concept: 

This lies in the fact that our customers in England and Ibiza can count on personal and professional full support from our experienced and professional, certified team of wedding and event planners who speak Dutch, English, German and Spanish. First of all, an introductory meeting will be held in England, The Netherlands or Ibiza and in a later stage during this wedding planning we will meet again in the Netherlands or England to prepare all last details for the final day. During the complete planning we will be in close contact by skype, email, whats-app or telephone. Of course, there can also be agreed with the bride and groom to meet in Ibiza for a possible island tour or perhaps involved in discussions with suppliers and of course on the wedding day itself.

Our Strenght:

Is that we can count on a large network of various suppliers with whom we make your event in Ibiza and Formentera an unforgettable experience of top quality! Our trust and cooperation is based on a permanent professional network consisting of partners with whom we work together at wedding locations and other accommodations.

  • We have a large network of professional and highly dedicated B2B suppliers that we can advise you about.
  • Have you already booked someone yourself or a preference for someone? No problem at all, also with these parties we like to work together because we only enrich and expand our own network.
  • We do not have more than 2 weddings per month in the agenda unless an emergency request comes in. In that case, we are expanding the team so that we can ensure that all weddings receive 100% attention.
  • We have low overhead costs and therefore we can keep our rates low.
  • We do not owe payroll taxes and expensive insurance policies.
  • There are no holidays or a thirteenth month to pay.
  • Full guidance and advice in England, The Netherlands, Belgium and in Ibiza.
  • No risk in case of illness for the client.
  • To hire where only necessary.
" Every dream can be achieved "