Catering & Styling

Wedding Catering

Is not only an important part of you wedding day, it is also a broad and important concept. Snacks, drinks, wedding reception food, wedding menu, appetizers, buffet, dinner or the ‘late night snack’ are just a small selection of the possibilities of catering.
We work together with a number of certified catering companies which have their own specialization such as; BBQ, French cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Gluten free and organic food. But also weddingcakes, wedding patries, marriage cake designs, sweets, fresh made ice cream, foodtrucks, all is possible

Wedding Stylist

You can leave the styling of your wedding up to us. We know the decoration specialists and florists who will take care of your wishes. Have you chosen a specific theme for your wedding party? Then we carry this through to the entire wedding day. Decoration can be carried through in every detail, in your clothes and accessories, with the brides children, at dinner and at the location, flowers, fabrics and much more. Very unique and with its own identity, just like yourselves.