Master of Ceremony

She is the director of your wedding day and has a crucial role in the successful running of your dream event, she is, as it were, the director on your big day and ensures that everything runs smoothly so that you do not have to worry about all day long. The master of ceremonies also functions as a contact person for guests and suppliers. It is an important task, which requires hours of preparation and full attention to the role on the wedding day.

The main core tasks of a Master of Ceremonies: Beforehand, in a personal interview, the exact tasks are discussed, while at a traditional wedding other tasks occur than at a “freestyle” wedding. She is the director and hostess on your wedding day and is in full command. She has prepared months in advance together with the bride and groom by means of a day planning. She will guide the wedding couples thru the whole day, makes a list of suppliers to set up, inform wedding guests in advance about your program, guidance to the suppliers, guidance of the guests, announcements, ensure that the gifts are not forgotten belongings to the bride and groom.

In addition to these tasks, there are more things that your master of ceremonies can arrange for you. So keep in mind that the person you ask for this task will be busy on your day. Do not ask your mother, sister or best friend, because they will want to enjoy the day as much as you do. Therefore, consider to hire a professional master of ceremonies. This allows you to be sure that your wedding day is running smoothly and that your guests will nothing have to worry about.

Wedding day advise, by skype or personal in Ibiza

Some couples choose to organize everything themselves around the wedding day so what you are looking for now is someone whom you can get personal advice about on one or more parts of your big day. Island Weddings Ibiza can also help you with this. How does it work?

We discuss your plans and dreams in personal conversation lasting about 2.5 hours in Ibiza or by Skype meeting. We can give advice and provide tips on a wedding location, daily schedule, a budget overview and drawing up the scenario. Or maybe you want to walk through the whole planned wedding day with someone who has an independent view of things. Whatever your needs are, you can discuss them with us.

When you contact us you will be asked to indicate in advance which parts you are looking for. Of course, it is always possible after the meeting to further expand our services on the basis of this advice. The tailor-made portfolio with (maximum) 3 locations and a selection of suppliers where the availability on your wedding day has already been checked by us (more locations and / or suppliers or expansion of the work is possible at extra cost). Costs of the advice will be offered before the meeting.

Would you like to know more? please feel free to contact us anytime: or call us